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Design Platform

Design Platform

Our Design Platform is tailored to clients approaching retirement.

You value multiple meetings per year to discuss in-depth comprehensive planning such as pension analysis, social security strategies, and investment advice. We take a proactive approach to develop your customized plan. Our annual in-person meetings also ensures that the plan stays up to date and that you are on track for your short and long-term financial goals. 

This plan isn't just created for you, it will be created with you, thoughtfully designed with our team in our offices before being delivered to you personally.

Your customized projection will show your cash flow starting now to your life expectancy. Different colors in the plan will represent sources of income (pensions, social security, portfolio withdrawals, etc.) We show how you will cover your essential and discretionary expenses with those income sources. Our goal is to make sure there aren't any shortfalls and your portfolio doesn't deplete before life expectancy. Each plan is customized to your goals and financial scenario.

All the details. . . Just like your financial plan

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning

Financial Independence: The main question here is "How long will my savings last?" We look into your cash flow and income sources to determine strategies on how to make your savings last your lifetime.

Investment Planning: After reviewing your risk tolerance, we make sure your accounts are aligned with your time horizon and goals. We shop the marketplace to add Active Management, diversification, and a portfolio that's customized to you. 

Risk Management: This may be an uncomfortable area to discuss, but we need to address it! This area includes all of the "What-If" questions that you may have. What if I or my spouse passes away prematurely? What if I need long term care? How would a market crash affect my long-term situation? We answer all these questions now to ensure there's no "what-ifs" down the road.

Estate Planning: Making sure you avoid probate, all your assets are titled correctly, and if you were to pass away, your accounts would pass efficiently to your beneficiaries. We are not Estate Planning Attorneys but we can work with your attorney and review your Trust documents.

Ongoing Advice

Ongoing Advice

Multiple meetings per year to keep your plan up to date. Life changes, so we make sure your plan does too. 

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